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About Us

About Us

The Interlake Water Utility system serves customers in both the R.M. of  Meota and the Resort Village of Cochin.  The Reverse Osmosis system produces some of the highest quality  drinking water available today.The plant produces over 7.4 million  gallons of clean, safe drinking water each year.  

Our Board of Directors

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Administrators: Amber Loeppky & Jennifer Poitras

Board Members: Ina McQuat, Terry Seime, David Stillar, Jerry Wintonyk

Our Treatment Plant

The Interlake Water Utility system has been in operation since August 2008. Our plant produced 7.4 million gallons of clean safe drinking water annually. The reverse osmosis treatment system continues to produce some of the highest quality water available to any community today. 

Contact Us

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Interlake Regional Water Board

Box 240, Cochin, SK S0M 0L0, Canada

Phone (306)386-2333 Fax (306)386-2305

After Hours & Emergency

Please contact Wayne Tindall at 306-441-6015 for after hours service.  

 If you have no  water and cannot contact Wayne Tindall please call  1-800-667-5799.